Nicole Flannigan - Bio


    Nicole grew up in the great state of Colorado, a friendly place where people dress as if they’re ready to go hiking at a moment’s notice. 

(Ed: Nicole never did go on any spur of the moment hikes, but the important thing was that she was ready.)

    She attended The University of Chicago, where she faced an existential crisis over whether to get a PhD in Egyptology or go into the film industry.  The crisis was solved when she studied abroad in London and realized that she’d spent all of her time seeing plays and films but had yet to visit the world-famous collection of Egyptian antiquities at the British Museum.

    Since moving to Los Angeles, Nicole has performed in everything from indie films to a Pulitzer Prize nominated musical based on a bawdy, Ancient Greek play.  She still loves Egyptology and will gladly bore you with her ruminations on the function of cult statues at Kom el-Hettân if you ask!